Course Review: Colour Narratives with Jake Hicks

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Last Saturday we delivered the first of a series of workshops called “Colour Narratives and How to Create them in camera” with the awesome Jake Hicks. These courses have been selling like hot cakes and I can see why.


Eight very talented photographers spent the day under Jake’s watchful eye, learning how to successfully use coloured lighting.


Jake’s very relaxed style put everyone at ease making it both interactive and funny.


It was fascinating to watch him share his ideas and recipes, overall it was very hands on with both plenty of shooting time and one to one attention.

Here’s what a couple of the participants had to say:

I have been following Jake’s work for only a short time, it was in fact his portraits with Amber Tutton that first made me aware of his talents, but I was an instant fan and very keen to come along and learn more about his distinct creative photography. Jake was fantastic on the day, no question was too much trouble for him to answer despite the varying levels of experience in the room, and his willingness to go in depth about his approach, theories and techniques was both interesting, educational and exciting. I feel that I not only learnt a lot from the day from a technical aspect, but it has really inspired to experiment with my lighting set-ups and not be afraid to take a different approach to achieve something special.

Overall it was a really fun day, and Amersham Studios was the ideal location (Simon could not have been more helpful and accommodating) and I would be happy to highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning a little more about Jake’s approach.



Loved the course, loved Jake and loved the studio – 10/10


Last weekend I had the good fortune to attend a fantastic photography workshop on gel lighting techniques with master tutor Jake Hicks Photography at Amersham Studios. Our model was the super talented: Amber Tutton Model.

I learned an absolute shed-load throughout the day and most importantly, I developed the confidence that I can apply the methods and philosophy to lighting in this manner, to my own work going forward.
10 /10


Jake was a great teacher making you feel like you had known him for years and was working with a friend. He made the complex lighting setups look really simple and he simply explained how to set them up. I came away with a new skill that I feel confident to be able to recreate. Jake was on hand to make sure you got the best photos from the day. Amber was a great model and made sure that you got the best image from each set up. The studio was a great teaching space coffee and soft drinks at hand all day and provided a cracking lunch. I look forward to future courses with Jake and this team.
10 out of 10


If you fancy honing your skills with the coloured lighting guru, checkout our store for the next available workshop.




Photographer / Educator: Jake Hicks
Model: Amber Tutton
BTS Photographer: Simon Ellingworth
Assistant: Dan Le Sac
Videographer: Chewy Media
Lighting by Bowens International
Art Lenes by Lensbaby
Coloured Gels by LEE Filters
BTS Photographer: Simon Ellingworth
Studio: Amersham Studios