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Join Dave Kai-Piper with a super hands on shooting workshop and learn to mix hard and soft lighting like a pro!

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How to create lighting with character : Noir / Provocative Lighting.

A workshop to guide you though hard light & soft light & how to mix them in the studio or location.

Model: Stephie Rebello
In this workshop we will breakdown what photography and lighting is all about then using our live model we will recreate some amazing lighting styles that are all about creating mood and character. We will look at what light is, how it can be shaped and changed as well as how to mix and blend hard light and soft light. Using the fully kitted out Broncolour studio, we will test out what settings do what and go though some lighting setups that will give a newbie some great starting points when lighting people for portraiture.
At the end of this workshop – we promise you will feel more comfortable setting up lighting for your images. You will know what Rembrandt lighting is how just how to use it to maximum effect. You will also be much more comfortable posing your subjects to get stunning powerful character led portraiture. If your looking to learn how to make portraits with impact – this course is just for you.
Dave Kai Piper is a Fujifilm Ambassador & teaches Photography at Wolverhampton as well as being an Adobe Community Pro.

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